Mankenberg further expand their position as one of the leading suppliers of self-acting control valves with the launch of the pressure reducing valve DM 618 and set a new standard for dimensions and equipment:   » Compact design (on average 20 % less than competition models) » High regulating accuracy » Body made of cast steel (GS-C 25) » Medium-wetted internal parts made of stainless steel (1.4404 / SS316L) » Closed spring cap made of stainless ... more

More than 3.500 downloads have proof of it: our new calculation and design software for self-acting control valves, ValvePilot, has already become an indispensable aid for many of our customers.   Our latest version for an even faster valve sizing is now available to you with immediate effect. All bugs currently known have been eliminated and installation was simplified. Programmes already installed will be automatically updated.   When the process parameters have been entered, ... more

Mankenberg rounds off its millibar control valves product line with the pressure reducing valve DM 586 and has showcased the novelty at the Tank Storage conference and exhibition in Hamburg (25-26 NOV 2015). The pressure reducing valve DM 586 is a diaphragm-controlled, spring-loaded proportional valve with balanced cone for high flow rates particularly suitable for controlling millibar ranges. It can be used for liquids and gases, for example in the tank blanketing sector. The valve body and ... more

Tank blanketing is used in many industrial sectors, for example in the pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology, chemical and petrochemical industry or foodstuffs and beverage production. Storage tanks often contain media whose contact with atmospheric oxygen (auto-oxidation) or with other gases and/or liquids entails detrimental effects. For example, a chemical reaction may produce an explosive, toxic or corrosive mixture. In the foodstuffs and beverage or pharmaceutical industry the product may ... more