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Energy industry

The energy industry uses fossil and nuclear as well as renewable energy sources. However, the increasingly perceptible climate change and the unsolved nuclear waste problem are leading to a gradual phase-out of conventional energy production worldwide. Within the framework of the energy turnaround, regenerative forms of energy, such as wind and water power, geothermal energy or photovoltaics, are to become the most important energy sources in the long term.


Energy resources such as coal, natural gas and crude oil are still largely extracted by conventional mining and deep drilling. The adverse conditions underground place high demands on the plant components being used because of the corrosive media and the risk of explosion from dusts.

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General requirements:

  • Medium to high pressures
  • High flow rates
  • High-quality materials
  • ATEX
  • Sturdy, reliable and low-maintenance valves

Renewable energies

Renewable energy is electricity that is not generated from fossil fuels such as coal or oil, but from natural energy sources such as sunlight, wind or geothermics. These sources have the ability of constant regeneration. The use of alternative energy sources significantly reduces emission levels, particularly of the greenhouse gas CO2. Just as diverse as the types of energy generation in this sector are the requirements for the valves used.

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Conventional power generation

Conventional power generation produces electricity by converting primary energy into secondary energy. In this process, the primary energy used, for ex. chemical energy from fossil fuels or nuclear energy, is converted into exploitable electrical energy. Our entire product portfolio is used here in a wide range of peripheral systems.

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