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The Mankenberg Order Service

"FAST" - "RELIABLE" - "AVAILABLE" are the three most important requirements of End Users to manufacturers and distributors.

To meet these requirements even better, Mankenberg optimized its logistics processes.

Ready for Dispatch within 2 Working Days

The 48h promise

  • Ready for dispatch within 48h after Order Confirmation, EXW Luebeck, Germany 
  • For specified standard products 
  • Valid from Monday to Thursday (public holiday in Germany excluded) 
  • EN 10204/3.1 Material Certificates are available upon request

Ready for dispatch within 15 working days 

Adapted to your application 

  • Assembled-to-the-order: delivery time max. 15 working days EXW, Luebeck, Germany 
  • Modification of Mankenberg standard valves – adapted-to-purpose: 
    • Connections: flanges according to EN 1092 & ASME B16.5, BSP & NPT threads  
    • Sealings & diaphragms: EPDM, FKM, PTFE, FEPM 
    • Accessories available: leakage line connection, gauge connection, internal sensing 
  • Specific documentation upon request: 
    • Material certificates EN 10204/2.1, EN 10204/3.1 
    • FDA (Food and Drug Administration) 
    • USP Class VI (United States Pharmacopeia) 


Customized & engineered solutions

Expertise and reliability upon request

  • Customized & engineered solutions - adapted to your application 
  • Additional documentation & specification 
  • Delivery time upon request


For even faster solutions

When delivery time ist most important

  • Express handling and shipment of any order upon request for the entire scope of supply


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