The management

Dr. Stefan Nehlsen and Paul Manthey are managing directors of Mankenberg GmbH. 

With Mankenberg into the future: Mankenberg meets the structural change, varying market scenarios and the emerging shortage of resources in an agile and proactive way. In doing so, the management relies on solid growth through innovative and modular products, digital processes and the development of new markets.

The key is digital transformation. Digitization creates leeway for innovative developments and shortens production cycles. The aim is to establish highly flexible, partially automated workshop production and optimize production control.

A flexible and creative management culture is permanently anchored at Mankenberg and supports the willingness to think in alternatives and scenarios. Flat hierarchies with cross-team work shorten decision-making paths. The competencies of the motivated and committed workforce are an important resource for the company.

Dr. Stefan Nehlsen

was born in Lübeck in 1963. He studied physics at the Hamburg university, was awarded his doctorate (Dr.-Ing.) at Hamburg-Harburg University of Tech­nology and completed his studies in business adminis­tration holding a master degree in econophysics.

With meanwhile more than three decades of professional and manage­ment experience in the machinery and plant engineering sector, he was appointed Managing Director of Mankenberg GmbH in September 2017.

Dr. Stefan Nehlsen is married and father of two adult sons.

Paul Manthey

was born in Szczecin in 1982. After graduating from high school, he focused on competitive sports for two years as a professional soccer player and played for the German club SC Paderborn 07, among others. 

He completed his subsequent studies in industrial engineering with a diploma in 2008. Via the junior management program of a large discount retail chain, he advanced to CEO in 2018 with responsibility for 1,400 employees. In 2022, Paul Manthey moved to the management of Mankenberg GmbH.

Paul Manthey is married and the father of two daughters.

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