Into the hydrogen age with industrial valves

Hydrogen plays a central role on the way to a climate-neutral economy. However, the use of hydrogen technologies is not only about reliable supply and environmental compatibility, but also about consistent safety in the production, storage and use of this versatile gas.

As valve specialists, we, the German companies HORA Holter Regelarmaturen GmbH & Co. KG, LESER GmbH & Co.KG, Stahl-Armaturen PERSTA GmbH, Kühme Armaturen GmbH and Mankenberg GmbH, have been working for years on innovative solutions for the practical use of hydrogen technologies. These should be safe, demand-oriented and easy to integrate at any time. This is how we are shaping a climate-neutral future together!

Are you interested in the efficient use of industrial valves in hydrogen applications? We would like to share our experience with you. At our free online seminar "Into the hydrogen age with industrial valves" you will learn everything you need to know about current developments in products for hydrogen applications, material requirements, standards and directives, such as ATEX, and many more.

Date:           26th January 2023 at 8 am and 5 pm CET
Duration:    1 hour

You are welcome to join us! We are looking forward to seeing you.

Registration 8 am   Registration 9 pm


  • Hydrogen - Established technology with new applications (Fa. LESER)
  • High performance valves for hydrogen applications (Fa. KÜHME)
  • How much H2 can valves handle? – Retrofitting of valves (Fa. HORA)
  • "TA-Luft" - low emission H2 valves  - valve qualification acc. ISO 15848-1 (Fa. PERSTA)


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Mrs. Franziska Hertrampf
Phone +49 (0) 451 - 879 75 78
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